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Welcome to Electronica Monthly

Welcome to Electronica Monthly

Welcome to the Electronica Monthly podcast, one of the best places on the web to find quality ambient and electronic music. I love to podcast electronic music , and if you love ambient electronica and electronic music podcasts then this podcast is for you. Each episode features new, previously unreleased material from signed and unsigned artists. We also feature exclusive material (DJ sets, live recordings, new releases,etc) from our house label Friesian Recordings, which is home to artists such as Macrocosm, Bovine Boy, DJ Jabawookie and Mr Scamoco.

Latest Updates

Latest Podcasts

EM039: Bovine Boy presents "Spaced" Mixlr livestream from 23.12.20

Live stream on Friesian Recordings Mixlr account featuring Bovine Boy's new release - "Spaced", which is a tribute the 90s ambient album "Space" by Jimmy Cauty. Download it here -> (EM039)

Friesian Sessions

For more from Bovine Boy, check out his Soundcloud page

EM038: Friesian Sessions - DJ Macrocosm (May 2015)

Friesian Sessions brought to you by DJ Macrocosm this month, featuring a plethora of talented artists, included Complex Patterns, Monoform, Worried about Satan and Esem. Download it here -> (EM038)

Friesian Sessions

For more from Macrocosm, check out his Soundcloud page

EM037: Friesian Sessions (December 2014) - Mr Scamoco

Friesian Sessions returns, and with a slightly festive mix of atmosphereric and soundtrack music from the weird and wonderful world of Mr Scamoco, featuring some of his own music alongside modern classics. One for the headphones! Download it here -> (EM037)

Friesian Sessions

For more from Mr Scamoco, check out his Soundcloud page

EM036: Macrocosm live at The Hidden Hill Festival 2013

Macrocosm performed live at this year's The Hidden Hill Festival, alongside such great acts as Andy Weatherall, Hexstatic and Ulrich Schnauss, and we are very pleased to be able to share his performance in this month's podcast (EM036)

Hidden Hill Festival logo

For more weird and wonderful stuff from Bovine Boy, check out his Soundcloud page

EM035: Chill out was an album I once heard

This month, for something very different, we have a reworking of the KLF classic album "Chill Out", by Bovine Boy. He has been hunting down all of the samples from the original album for many years, and this recording (EM035) is the sum total of that effort.

Sheep in field

For more weird and wonderful stuff from Bovine Boy, check out his Soundcloud page

  • As always, please keep sending those demos to demos@electronicamonthly.com
  • Any questions/feedback you can send to feedback@electronicamonthly.com

Thanks again to all those who contributed, and particularly for those of you who have sent demos in. As always, I hope to include many of those tracks in future shows, so keep listening. Please send any feedback and/or questions to feedback@electronicamonthly.com. and as always, any demos are welcome (please send to demos@electronicamonthly.com in MP3 format).

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